Sanitising Tablets Chlorine Tub of 200



Sanitising Tablets Chlorine Tub of 200

Chlorine Sanitising Tablets offer one of the most efficient
ways of delivering chlorine disinfectant, as they are UV
stabilized. Chlorine tablets are chlorine gas bound
chemically, which is formulated for a wide variety of uses
as a powerful disinfectant.
Chlorine Release Tablets find wide use for general
cleaning of food preparation surfaces and other hard
surfaces where general disinfection is required.
• In tablet form—easier to handle
• Rapid dissolving for all sanitising applications
• Slow releasing with a controlled release of chlorine
• Much more stable over time—easier to store
• Stabilises availability of chlorine, even in strong
• High concentration of available chlorine per unit
• No residue left behind so no system clogging

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