Ubik 2000 Universal Cleaner

 UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner is a tough, concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser, which is widely used in the food industry.

It dissolves the toughest grime, including oils, fats, grease and blood, and is suitable for use on stainless steel, paint, floors, ceramic tiles, concrete and industrial paintwork

 UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner controlled foam helps prevent over use.

Where can you use Clover UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner?

You can use Clover UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner has numerous uses within the food industry; kitchens, bakeries, meat processors, food processors, confectioners, pie makers and snack manufacturers.

It is suitable for use on concrete floors, industrial paintwork and painted floors, plastic walls and ceilings, ceramic tiles, plastic coatings, machinery and equipment, stainless steel and anti-slip floors.

How do you use Clover UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner?

UBIK 2000 can be applied using a mop, sponge, scrubber-dryer machine or trigger spray.

Use neat or diluted up to 1:200, depending on level of soiling.