Floor Pads 17 Inch Case of 5



The 17 inch floor pads from Beacon are designed and produced to give superior performance.

The floor cleaning pads can be used wet or dry with conventional or high speed machines and are colour coded for easy identification and usable on both sides.

The range of floor scrubber and buffer pads come in a variety of sizes and materials to help you achieve the best possible result for your floor surfaces.

Please select from the following colour options for the required task.
Blue Floorpads: Cleaning – moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning.
Black Floorpads: Stripping – Heavy duty wet stripping.
Brown Floorpads: Stripping- Fast, cuts away wax/old floor finish, dry stripping.
Green Floorpads: Scrubbing – Heavy duty wet scrubbing. Removes surface coat, ground in dirt and scuff marks.
Red Floorpads: Buffing – Dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine.
Tan Floorpads: Polishing – Dry polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre.
White Floorpads: Polishing – Non aggressive dry polishing to a high gloss.